Department Introduction Major
Medicine We nurture excellent researchers and professional medical scientists of world-class level that can contribute to human society development by cultivating creative research ability in medicine and life science field as well as fostering excellent medical volunteer based on human life respect. * Basic Medicine

​Microbiology, Pathology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Anatomy

* Clinical medicine

​Neuroscience, Neurosurgery, Imaging, Otolaryngology, Emergency medicine, Surgery, Psychiatry, Orthopedic surgery, Diagnosis, Home medicine, Internal medicine, Anesthesia medicine, Radiation oncology, Urology science, Obstetrics and GynecologyLaboratory Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Thoracic Surgery

* Integrated medicine

​* Health Sciences

​* Clinical art therapy

​* Sports Medicine

​* Counseling Psychology

Nursing Science

Educational goals of the masters degree program in nursing science

1. To obtain the nursing theories and evidence-based nursing knowledge required for advanced nursing practice

2. To establish the nursing ethics and leadership related to various nursing situations and society’s needs

3. To contribute to the academic development through the nursing research and solving the nursing issues.

Nursing Managemnet,

Fundamental Nursing,

Maternity Nursing,

​Adult Nursing,

Pediatric Nursing,

Psychiatric Nursing,

​Community Health Nursing

Life Science Cultivate scientific research and research skills in the field of life sciences and nurture advanced experts who have acquired specialized knowledge and skills. Biomedical Science,


Food Science and Biotechnology

Pharmacy Nurture scientists in basic pharmacology, research, and clinical fields that can contribute to the development of the healthcare and life sciences through the development of bio-drugs, a high value-added national strategic business in the 21st century. Pharmaceutical Bioscience,

Pharmaceutical Chemistry,

Clinical & Social Pharmacy


Active Aging Industry We educate elderly friendly industrial manpower to support product planning / development that reflects the needs of elderly people in preparation for future aged society and cooperative coordination of health / economy / leisure life of elderly people. Aging Science,

Age-friendly UX/UI Design & Planning

Business for Seniors


Medical Beauty Industry We will cultivate talented people who will lead the medical beauty industry, which has become a high value-added industry in the age of global competition, in the health care and beauty industry.